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Hedgehog Healing

Live Pain Free

Philosophy of Practice

We all experience life through the body. Every emotion, every movement, every sensation, is experienced through our bodies. And when we can't move, sit, walk, or play without pain our sense of ease in navigating the world greatly diminishes. That's why I Rolf. To help get your body out of pain and into better alignment so that you can move, play, run and have the freedom to do whatever you love without pain.

Image by Henry Be

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a holistic bodywork treatment that works by addressing imbalances in your fascia, the fibrous connective tissue that wraps around and supports every structure within your body. When fascia dries up and tightens, it can lead to limited mobility and painful constrictions. Rolfing frees up adhesions between layers of fascia, which can create relief from pain and discomfort, improve posture, and increase ease of movement.


Who I Am

For over ten years,I've been engaged in a deep listening to the body, mind, and heart, over thousands of hours of meditation practice in the Vipassana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions, as well as leading hundreds of relational mindfulness groups. As a Certified Rolfer, I bring this sense of presence and compassion guides me in listening to the nuances of what your body needs in each moment to bring you into a place of greater alignment and ease.

Image by Zac Durant
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